The Office Experience

The Office Experience logo adaptations for the store as well as a circular version for products

Typography, design and illustration for Pam’s “second drink”

Typography, design and illustration for Kelly’s Seven and Seven

Typography, design and illustration for Stanley’s “Secret Weapon” sticker

Typography and design for a mug

Typography and design for Ryan’s quotes


Icons and design for keychains

Logo design and illustration for Dwight’s Schrute Farms

Design and typography for Kelly’s ping pong paddles

Typography and design for quote stickers

Pin backer packaging design & illustration/ “Schrute Farm” pin design

T-shirt design for Scrantonicity— Kevin’s band

Vance Refrigeration logo design and penguin icon illustration

Stapler in jello illustration and pattern design for various products 

Apparel design

Sweatshirt & lettering design

Retail store wall graphic design

T-shirt designs

Retail counter design

Role: Select work from the design and illustration project with Superfly for the retail store at The Office Experience.